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From "Paul Mackinlay" <>
Subject mark files for deletion with perforce
Date Wed, 06 Apr 2011 13:10:38 GMT
I have created a RemoveMojo and have run tests locally to check that it 
works as expected. 

How do I apply for a developer account so check in the code? Do I just raise 
a ticket here: 

Also while testing the RemoveMojo I discovered that 
PerforceRemoveCommand.executeRemoveCommand() swallows CommandLineException. 
Surely it should rethrow it as an ScmException. Now when a "p4 delete" 
command fails the result object returned by ScmManager will have isSuccess() 
equal to true. Ultimately I think this means that when marking a resource as 
deleted fails it won't fail a maven build. 


Paul Mackinlay

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