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From "Lord.Quackstar" <>
Subject Any plans to fix/update maven-scm-provider-hg ?
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2011 00:52:12 GMT
Sorry for the delay, I sent this with another email address that wasn't 

I have this in my POM

            <!--JavaDoc setup-->
                     <defaultAuthor>Leon Blakey</defaultAuthor>

            <name>General Maven Repo on Google Code</name>


From: Olivier Lamy <>
Sent: Fri, January 14, 2011 4:27:51 PM
Subject: Re: Any plans to fix/update maven-scm-provider-hg  ?

Can you give more details ?
version of wagon scm you are using in your pom ?

2011/1/13 Lord.Quackstar <>:
> It seems that the only way to use Mercurial in Maven is through
> maven-scm-provider-hg. However there are so many problems that the plugin is
> unusable
> First, you have it being out of date. In Maven 2.2.1 it works somewhat (by
> working I mean it detects that it exists and tries to use it), but in Maven
> 3.0.2 you get this:
>  Transfer error: org.apache.maven.scm.manager.NoSuchScmProviderException: No
> such provider: 'hg'.
> Second, you have the list command bug, which seems to affect even people
> using hudsun. They were able to fix it by creating their own plugin, which
> doesn't work with Maven-only  installations. Following is the error message
> [INFO] [deploy:deploy {execution: default-deploy}]
> [INFO] Retrieving previous build number from
> [INFO] Removing
> C:\DOCUME~1\Owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\wagon-scm1210107000.checkout\pir
> cbotx\pircbotx\1.3-SNAPSHOT
> [INFO] EXECUTING: cmd.exe /X /C "hg clone -r tip
> [INFO] EXECUTING: cmd.exe /X /C "hg locate"
> [INFO] repository metadata for: 'snapshot pircbotx:pircbotx:1.3-SNAPSHOT'
> could not be found on repository:, so will be
> created Uploading:
> [INFO]
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [INFO]
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [INFO] Error deploying artifact: Error listing repository: No such command
> 'list'.
> (This is replicated on site:deploy as well).
> Third, you have the complete lack of documentation on using it. It took me
> 3+ hours to get the results above; everything else kept erroring out as I
> slipped further into dependency hell. None of the projects have docs  on how
> to use this.
> Fourth, you have the abandonment of the user support mailing list (
> ). This is more
> general to maven-scm, but does affect this plugin. The last email talks
> about this very same problem, however it's been almost 2 months with no
> response. Even for the past year none of the support questions have been
> answered.
> ---
> Combined, this leads to a plugin that isn't usable at all and can mislead
> people into thinking that it works. Are their any plans to update it? Are
> their any plans to depreciate it?
> Thanks,
> Leon

Olivier Lamy

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