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From Krashan Brahmanjara <>
Subject StatusScmResult.getChangedFiles not filled with files list
Date Fri, 22 May 2009 10:08:59 GMT

After upgrading do SlikSvn 1.6 executing of svn.exe no longer fills
StatusScmResult.getChangedFiles list. 

I/m testing buildnumeber-maven-plugin. There are executed lines

    ScmRepository repository = getScmRepository();
    ScmProvider scmProvider =
    StatusScmResult result = scmProvider.status(repository, new
    getLog().info("Status3 1..." + result.getCommandLine());
    getLog().info("Status3 2..." + result.getCommandOutput());
    getLog().info("Status3 3..." + result.getProviderMessage());
    getLog().info("Status3 4..." + result.getChangedFiles().toString());
    getLog().info("Status3 5..." + result.isSuccess());
    getLog().info("Status3 6..." + result.hashCode());
    getLog().info("Status3 7..." + result.toString());

result.getChangedFiles is empty array but list of changed files are

Console output
[DEBUG]   org.apache.maven.scm:maven-scm-api:jar:1.2
[DEBUG]   org.apache.maven.scm:maven-scm-manager-plexus:jar:1.2
[DEBUG]   org.apache.maven.scm:maven-scm-provider-accurev:jar:1.2
[INFO] Executing: cmd.exe /X /C "svn --non-interactive status"
[INFO] Working directory: D:\oss\workspace\oss\oss-services\oss-services-web
[DEBUG] ?       .revision
[DEBUG] M       src\main\java\pl\asseco\oss\test\web\
[DEBUG] M       pom.xml
[INFO] Status3 1...cmd.exe /X /C "svn --non-interactive status"
[INFO] Status3 2...null
[INFO] Status3 3...null
[INFO] Status3 4...[]
[INFO] Status3 5...true
[INFO] Status3 6...32219102
[INFO] Status3
[INFO] Status ...[]size 0

I suppose that svn works OK but problem is in reading file data from console

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