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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Serena Dimensions Provider
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 22:50:22 GMT
Hi Steve,

Welcome! It seems Australia is a hotbed of PVCS users :)

The current status seems to be that Peter Ineson is looking into it -  
hopefully he'll chime in shortly.

Since we're all on the same timezone we might be able to catch up and  
figure out where to go next. Would be great to see this moving along.


On 14/09/2006, at 8:19 AM, wrote:

> Hi All
> Only just joined the list and I was just reading the recent posts on
> Serena PVCS support. It looks like work is well on the way on this and
> there is also some potential code from Serena if they can resolve  
> their
> partner issues. Good news.
> I am personally interested in a provider for Serena Dimensions  
> ChangeMan,
> I have a feeling this is a different product to PVCS, but Serena
> information is very confusing. I'm not sure if your work would also  
> work
> with Dimensions
> Anyway - if it will work with Dimensions I may be interested in  
> helping
> out with some coding or testing - anything to help (I am a senior java
> developer). Otherwise if someone could post some information on  
> what you
> are doing with the PVCS provider that might help me assess if it  
> would be
> possible to write a Dimensions provider I would appreciate that.  
> eg. Are
> you using command line interface or an API.
> There is a command line interface to Dimensions (called download) -  
> but it
> has a rather annoying "feature" that puts a pop up windows up for  
> login
> password and has no way to programmatically set this on the command  
> line.
> As to java APIs - I've not sure if there is one available, I am still
> hunting for information on their website. Might give them a call  
> later and
> try and talk to someone.
> I'll carry on catching up on the archives and see if there are any  
> other
> clues here.
> Regards
> Steve
> Steve Dalton
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