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From Emmanuel Venisse <>
Subject Re: Pure java SCM provider
Date Fri, 05 May 2006 00:01:50 GMT

Carlos Sanchez a écrit :
> What's the status of the javasvn provider? I've uploaded 1.1.0.beta of
> tmate to ibiblio, I think we were waiting for this

I was waiting for it because it support file protocol necessary for TCK tests.
but 1.1.0.beta doesn't include all patches applied to 1.0.4, so we keep 1.0.4 for now.

> I'll be looking into how to commit files in svn to a folder that
> doesn't exist (how to commit all the required folders), so I'll take a
> look to what support tmate offers.

In future, I want to rewrite javasvn provider like cvsjava provider, so all command will be
svncommons and it will be more easy to maintain svn providers. tmate provide a class that
take a 
command line as argument like command run in command line.


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