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Subject svn commit: r688571 - /maven/scm/trunk/maven-scm-plugin/src/site/apt/index.apt
Date Sun, 24 Aug 2008 22:08:30 GMT
Author: bentmann
Date: Sun Aug 24 15:08:29 2008
New Revision: 688571

o Updated index page of plugin site


Modified: maven/scm/trunk/maven-scm-plugin/src/site/apt/index.apt
--- maven/scm/trunk/maven-scm-plugin/src/site/apt/index.apt (original)
+++ maven/scm/trunk/maven-scm-plugin/src/site/apt/index.apt Sun Aug 24 15:08:29 2008
@@ -71,7 +71,21 @@
 * Usage
-  Instructions on how to use the SCM Plugin can be found {{{usage.html}here}}.
+  General instructions on how to use the SCM Plugin can be found on the {{{usage.html}usage
page}}. Some more
+  specific use cases are described in the examples given below.
+  In case you still have questions regarding the plugin's usage, please feel
+  free to contact the {{{mail-lists.html}user mailing list}}. The posts to the mailing list
are archived and could
+  already contain the answer to your question as part of an older thread. Hence, it is also
worth browsing/searching
+  the mail archive.
+  If you feel like the plugin is missing a feature or has a defect, you can fill a feature
request or bug report in our
+  {{{issue-tracking.html}issue tracker}}. When creating a new issue, please provide a comprehensive
description of your
+  concern. Especially for fixing bugs it is crucial that the developers can reproduce your
problem. For this reason,
+  entire debug logs, POMs or most preferably little demo projects attached to the issue are
very much appreciated.
+  Of course, patches are welcome, too. Contributors can check out the project from our
+  {{{source-repository.html}source repository}} and will find supplementary information in
+  {{{}guide to helping with
 * Examples

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