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Subject svn commit: r528447 - /maven/scm/trunk/maven-scm-site/src/site/apt/cvs.apt
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 12:05:03 GMT
Author: evenisse
Date: Fri Apr 13 05:05:02 2007
New Revision: 528447

Describe how to change the cvs provider implementation


Modified: maven/scm/trunk/maven-scm-site/src/site/apt/cvs.apt
--- maven/scm/trunk/maven-scm-site/src/site/apt/cvs.apt (original)
+++ maven/scm/trunk/maven-scm-site/src/site/apt/cvs.apt Fri Apr 13 05:05:02 2007
@@ -60,6 +60,16 @@
   If you use anonymous access, with an empty password, you need to add a colon (:) between
the username and "@" like it's done in the first example.
   This tells the SCM provider that there is a password and that it is empty.
+* How to choose the CVS provider implementation
+  By default, the pure java CVS provider is used, so you don't need a cvs client installed
on your machine.
+  In some case, you can want to use the installed CVS client (for example, CVSNT). To do
it, you can change the implementation to use by settings the
+  'maven.scm.provider.cvs.implementation' system property:
 * Provider Configuration
   The provider configuration is defined in ${user.home}/.scm/cvs-settings.xml

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