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Subject [jira] Subscription: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Uploads
Date Fri, 19 Feb 2010 15:00:55 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Uploads (56 issues)
Subscriber: mavenrepolist
Key         Summary
MAVENUPLOAD-2745TheseFoolishThings moved to Sonatype
MAVENUPLOAD-2744Upload Contract4J5
MAVENUPLOAD-2741 OWL ART API (Sesame2 Impl) Project request for upload on Maven Central
MAVENUPLOAD-2736OWL ART API Project request for upload on Maven Central
MAVENUPLOAD-2742Upload UrlRewriteFilter 3.2.0 to Central
MAVENUPLOAD-2740Version 2.2-jdk16 of UISpec4J
MAVENUPLOAD-2739Version 2.2-jdk15 of UISpec4J
MAVENUPLOAD-2738JSR330 @Inject TCK (official release) 1
MAVENUPLOAD-2242Sync JGoodies from
MAVENUPLOAD-2716 Upload Stripes-1.5.3 to Maven Repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2676Add Quartz Artifacts
MAVENUPLOAD-2737Artifact Repository Upload
MAVENUPLOAD-2734upload JAXB 2.2 impl to maven central
MAVENUPLOAD-2735Synchronization doesn't work anymore from Sourceforge for HtmlUnit and NekoHTML
MAVENUPLOAD-2727Upload syslog4j-0.9.30
MAVENUPLOAD-2712dnsjnio 1.0.3
MAVENUPLOAD-2710Upload struts2-jQuery plugin version 1.8.1
MAVENUPLOAD-2711dnsjava 2.0.8
MAVENUPLOAD-2661Upload struts2-jQuery plugin
MAVENUPLOAD-2709Upload saxon
MAVENUPLOAD-2705JdbcHelper 0.3 Upload Request
MAVENUPLOAD-2699Upload permission to re-apply
   HTML parser 1.2.1 bundle
MAVENUPLOAD-2692Upload Jazzmaster 1.2.1 to the Central Repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2691Please upload spring-json-1.3.0
MAVENUPLOAD-2690Please provide update on 2670
MAVENUPLOAD-2687Upload struts2-jQuery plugin version 1.8.0
MAVENUPLOAD-2686Sun's el-api 2.2
MAVENUPLOAD-2684Please upload DynamicJasper 3.0.14
MAVENUPLOAD-2682Please upload bundles for JUEL 2.1.3
MAVENUPLOAD-2680Want to add my QDParser library to Maven
MAVENUPLOAD-2679Open Flash Charts 2 - Struts 2 Plugin
MAVENUPLOAD-2678Request to add Atomsphere 3.0 and RSSpect 1.0 to maven repository.
MAVENUPLOAD-2675Upload the latest gnu trove trove4j (2.1.0) version
MAVENUPLOAD-2674please add sqlite3tags to repo
MAVENUPLOAD-2672jcifs-1.3.12 upload request
MAVENUPLOAD-2665please upload DynamicJasper
MAVENUPLOAD-2726Please upload Morphia 0.91
MAVENUPLOAD-2731Upload doxygen-maven-plugin
MAVENUPLOAD-2730com.browseengine.bobo:bobo-browse 2.0.7
MAVENUPLOAD-2729JIntellitype 1.3.3 release
MAVENUPLOAD-2728Please upload JPA Security 0.2.0
MAVENUPLOAD-2723Upload quartz-1.7.0 artifacts
MAVENUPLOAD-2725Upload Hibernate Validator 4.0.2.GA to Central
MAVENUPLOAD-2724Upload JSR 303 (validation-api) to Central
MAVENUPLOAD-2719com.drewnoakes:metadata-extractor 2.4.0-beta-1
MAVENUPLOAD-2718httpunit 1.7
MAVENUPLOAD-2713jvyaml 0.2.1
MAVENUPLOAD-2111SAT4J bundles ready for inclusion in Maven Central repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2375Please upload jboss-retro artifact
MAVENUPLOAD-2222Poms having invlid XML
MAVENUPLOAD-2225Upload com.novell.ldap:jldap:jar:2008.03.01
MAVENUPLOAD-2350JCaptcha 1.0

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