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Subject [jira] Subscription: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Uploads
Date Fri, 18 Sep 2009 14:01:57 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Uploads (45 issues)
Subscriber: mavenrepolist
Key         Summary
MAVENUPLOAD-2598Rsync for MySQL Connector/J broken somewhere
MAVENUPLOAD-2605rsync_ssh request for
MAVENUPLOAD-2604Upload JFreeChart 1.0.13 and JCommon 1.0.16 dependent project
MAVENUPLOAD-2603Upload information in comma delimited format
MAVENUPLOAD-2602rsync_ssh request for
MAVENUPLOAD-2601Sync'ing the UJO Framework to the central repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2600Change sync details for net.fckeditor
MAVENUPLOAD-2599JTidy: Old version on the maven repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2596Upload Hibernate Validator 3.1.0.GA
MAVENUPLOAD-2595Upload Hibernate Search 3.0.1.GA
MAVENUPLOAD-2597Upload files for Java Service Wrapper version 3.3.6 (delta pack)
MAVENUPLOAD-2594Deploy JExcelApi 2.6.10
MAVENUPLOAD-2593Synchronizing repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2592Upload JavaCC 5.0
MAVENUPLOAD-2590sync of release repo
MAVENUPLOAD-2589Jansi 1.0
MAVENUPLOAD-2588rsync_ssh request for net.sf.transmorph
MAVENUPLOAD-2587Equinox Core Framework 3.5.0.v20090520
MAVENUPLOAD-2585rsync_ssh request for
MAVENUPLOAD-2579Already have automatic syncronization, need to expand it
MAVENUPLOAD-2583Uploading into Maven repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2468Please upload SVNKIT 1.3.0
MAVENUPLOAD-2582JasperReports 3.6.0 upload
MAVENUPLOAD-2581Upload Jazzmaster 1.2.0 to the Central Repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2580rsync Objenesis to maven central repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2566Syncing OpenFaces repository with the central repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2578Sync with datanucleus M2 repo
MAVENUPLOAD-2577Please upload two org.igniterealtime Tinder bundles
MAVENUPLOAD-2576lzma-java 1.0 upload request
MAVENUPLOAD-2575I am DynamicJasper's project leader, please upload.
MAVENUPLOAD-2574rsync_ssh request for
MAVENUPLOAD-2573Automatic repository sync request for new project: jbosh
MAVENUPLOAD-2572upload new version 0.8.90 of tango-icon-theme, note license and groupId have
MAVENUPLOAD-2571Please sync with my repo
MAVENUPLOAD-2562Upload of sectorjni artifact
MAVENUPLOAD-2567Java Native Access (JNA) 3.2.1 upload
MAVENUPLOAD-2561Synchronizing the repository to central
MAVENUPLOAD-2560Synchronizing the org.jvnet repository to central
MAVENUPLOAD-2111SAT4J bundles ready for inclusion in Maven Central repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2533upload svnkit (only jar as pom is already here)
MAVENUPLOAD-2375Please upload jboss-retro artifact
MAVENUPLOAD-2225Upload com.novell.ldap:jldap:jar:2008.03.01
MAVENUPLOAD-2222Poms having invlid XML

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