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From Brian Fox <>
Subject Re: Requesting unbanning from Maven Central Repository
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2009 03:26:53 GMT
Hi Juan,
I would need your ip to unblock you. Since this is a publicly archived
list, you can send it to me directly.


2009/8/17 Juan Jesús García de Soria Lucena <>:
> First of all, I beg your pardon for having done a thing specifically
> discouraged in
> Please excuse us for any extra work/pain resulting from it.
> We did try to mirror the Maven Central Repository and, obviously, we got banned.
> Actually we tried that for a good reason: our organization won't allow
> a "server" username/password for the Internet proxy that we could
> configure into a Nexus instance. We only get access to per physical
> user username/password pairs, and these expire after a period.
> Furthermore, beyond a usage limit the proxy accounts (and the
> associated Windows domain account with it) get locked. All this means
> that having the credentials of one of us in Nexus is probably bound to
> be a maintenance hassle.
> In any case, we got a Nexus instance up and running for our
> development team. After getting more acquainted with how Maven works
> and with the huge amount of software available at Maven Central, we
> now know for sure that we don't want to replicate it locally. We'll
> try to live with the problems of having a personal user account
> configured into Nexus proxy settings, and if that doesn't work as
> needed, we'll try to fight our way inside the organization to get some
> special account for Nexus.
> In any case, we'd need the proxy of our organization unbanned from
> Maven Central. Thus, I kindly request the people in charge of handling
> these issues to unban it. If this is not the best place to ask for
> unbanning, please tell me where to ask.
> I can provide you with the outbound IP address of our proxy as needed.
> Best regards, and thanks in advance,
>   Juan Jesus.
> --
> Dream small if success is enough for you; dream big if you need to
> change the world.

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