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Subject [jira] Subscription: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Uploads
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2009 14:00:42 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Uploads (30 issues)
Subscriber: mavenrepolist
Key         Summary
MAVENUPLOAD-2473rsync_ssh request for
MAVENUPLOAD-2472New sychronization request for org.bushe (EventBus)
MAVENUPLOAD-2471Please add latest version of rabbitmq-client library 1.5.5
MAVENUPLOAD-2344rsync part of the repository
MAVENUPLOAD-2470Please upload spring-json-1.2
MAVENUPLOAD-2415Ingres JDBC Driver
MAVENUPLOAD-2468Please upload SVNKIT 1.3.0
MAVENUPLOAD-2467please upload jCommon 1.0.16 (dependency of jFreeChart 1.0.13)
MAVENUPLOAD-2466please upload jFreeChart
MAVENUPLOAD-2448JCommon 1.0.15 upload
MAVENUPLOAD-2422Upload maven-overview-plugin from googlecode repo
MAVENUPLOAD-2464Please upload Clojure 1.0.0
MAVENUPLOAD-2458Upload Barbecue 1.5-beta1
MAVENUPLOAD-2412wurfl-pro sync
MAVENUPLOAD-2457Maven Config Processor 1.6 Upload Request
MAVENUPLOAD-2455Upload oval-1.32
MAVENUPLOAD-2425JFacets project upload request
MAVENUPLOAD-2452maven replacer plugin
MAVENUPLOAD-2386Dozer 5.0 Upload
MAVENUPLOAD-2437Update Bouncy Castle BCPROV/BCMAIL/BCTSP to 1.43
MAVENUPLOAD-2443Please upload bundles for JUEL 2.1.2
MAVENUPLOAD-2444Upload JFreeChart 1.0.10 and JCommon 1.0.13
MAVENUPLOAD-2441rsync part of the repository - not working
MAVENUPLOAD-2375Please upload jboss-retro artifact
MAVENUPLOAD-2387Transitive dependencies in eclipse jdt core are broken
MAVENUPLOAD-2225Upload com.novell.ldap:jldap:jar:2008.03.01
MAVENUPLOAD-2222Poms having invlid XML
MAVENUPLOAD-2111SAT4J bundles ready for inclusion in Maven Central repository

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