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From Max Berger <>
Subject (Too) Many mails to repo-maintainers
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2008 11:32:11 GMT
Dear Repo Maintainers,

the current repository sync script sends a mail on every failure to the
repo-maintainers list (which I subscribed because I am a maintainer of
one of the synched repositories).

Unfortunately, there is almost always a failure in some reposirtory,
resulting in a mail every 4 hours. The content of the mails does not
apply to me but it may, so i have to scan through them periodically to
find my repo. Since I get too many mails I do this quite infrequently.

So, needless to say I am not happy with this situation. I am only
interested in failures pertaining to my repository.

I don't have a good solution, but here are some ideas:

- put the name of failed repository in the subject line.

- send the failed message to the maintainer of the repository rather
than the full list (which would require an email address for each

- send failed messages less frequently

maybe we can find a feasible solution to this problem.


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