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Subject [jira] Subscription: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Evangelism
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 14:00:58 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: Outstanding Repository Maintenance: Evangelism (15 issues)
Subscriber: mavenrepolist

Key         Summary
MEV-530     Broken checksum for org/apache/maven/maven/2.0.6/maven-2.0.6.pom
MEV-577     com/sun/xml/rpc/jaxrpc-impl/1.1.3_01/jaxrpc-impl-1.1.3_01.pom cannot find saaj-impl
MEV-572 has bad MD5 entry
MEV-575     Bad checksums
MEV-443     Several projects have maven-metadata.xml files that are missing released versions
MEV-524     Javadoc jar not uploaded correctly for digester
MEV-536     Broken checksums and signature for maven-2.0.7.pom
MEV-457     Geronimo jar fails to download
MEV-48      openejb poms
MEV-427     relocate ehcache:ehcache to net.sf.ehcache
MEV-45      Full list of poms that doesn't respect the m2 format
MEV-20      clean up bad IDs in the repository
MEV-441     Several projects have bad maven-metadata.xml files that are screwing up dependencies
with version range feature
MEV-471     javax.xml:jsr173:1.0 should be relocated to javax.xml.bind:jsr173_api:1.0
MEV-469     jaxb-api available with two different groupIds


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