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From Apache Jenkins Server <>
Subject Build succeeded in Jenkins: Maven TLP » maven » MNG-6169/MNG-6550 #8
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2019 22:51:42 GMT


* [MNG-6530] Introduce system property to disable global model cache
* [MNG-6256] Surround parameter of echo command with double quotes
* fixed link (that goes to implementation in maven-core)
* [MNG-6559] Fix mailing list URL (#230)
* renamed variables for better understanding
* [MNG-6069] Migrate to non deprecated parts of Commons CLI (#153)
* refactoring: extracted initParent() method
* refactoring: reduced try/catch scope
* [MNG-6533] Test: ProjectBuildingException miss reference to MavenProject
* [MNG-6533] Prefer passing the interim project in ProjectBuildingResult
* [MNG-6533] ProjectBuilder report ModelProblem instead of Exception
* [MNG-6533] catch InvalidArtifactRTException runtime exception
* [MNG-5995] Remove dependency to maven-compat (#185)
* [MNG-6573] Use Maven 3.6.0 for CI
* [MNG-6558] ToolchainsBuildingResult event is not sent on EventSpy
* Revert [MNG-6069] Migrate to non deprecated parts of Commons CLI
* [MNG-6571] cache VersionRange instances, they are immutable
* [MNG-6571] forgot to put new instance in cache
* Revert "[MNG-6571] forgot to put new instance in cache"
* [MNG-6571] separate caches for create from spec and version
* [MNG-6591] Upgrade to Wagon 3.3.2
* [MNG-6495] ModelResolver cannot be null
* [MNG-6593] track input location for super-pom content
* Upgrade to Maven Install Plugin 3.0.0-M1
* Upgrade to Maven Deploy Plugin 3.0.0-M1

All tests passed
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