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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Will these issues be addressed in Maven 2?
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 04:42:15 GMT
(in future, please reply to as we are going to
close this list - thanks)

Chad Woolley wrote:

>Hmm, this may be what I'm talking about.  My problem is that I
>manually call war/jar goals during the build process (to generate
>artifacts for integration testing), and these goals automatically run
>the tests, and there's nothing to do short of hacking the plugin or
>hacking the maven.test.skip property.
Right - but in m2, the integration tests that require those files are
run -after- they are generated. So:
m2 integration-test
would be equivalent to
m2 [normal compile/resource goals] surefire:test war:war [goal to run
integration tests]

>OK, but I think this might be something to think about.  Maybe
>"circular" dependency is the wrong word, but in general, I'm talking
>about situations where the standard "compile app to target/classes,
>then compile tests to target/testclasses" doesn't work.
Right - I'd like to get detailed examples of anything where it doesn't
so we can work through how they should work. I don't understand AOP, but
I should probably learn :)

We don't have an aspectj plugin for m2 yet - if you are interested in
helping out we'd welcome it.

>>Yes, code coverage tools would grab the existing target/classes, modify
>>them to say target/classes-emma and run the tests using that. We've got
>>a fairly good idea for how this will all work, but it's not implemented yet.
>Cool.  Any documentation links on this yet?
There were some things sent to the list a while back - I'll try and get
it together and updated again shortly. So no, nothing really up to date.

>When you say "tied to each other", do you mean all versioned
>identically at the same time?  If so, then that works fine for me.
Yes, and deployed as such.

>>I'm pretty sure the WSDL plugin could do that,
>What WSDL plugin are you talking about?  The only one I see related to
>webservices is the Axis one on sourceforge.
It was a theoretical example :) Something like that plugin, written for m2.

>>and also define a type
>>handler so that you could have <type>ws-client</type> and get the second
>>JAR. Importantly, there'd be one project and the artifacts would always
>>be deployed together.
>>I think it's most likely that you'd have to produce two JARs though (the
>>server side code and the client side code), and have the WAR separate.
>Not sure what you mean here.  The main point is that the client jar
>(generated from the running war using wsdl2java) would be available
>for use during integration testing, as well as for deployment.  Would
>this be possible?
If it were generated from the current project, yes, it will be available
to integration testing and deployment. If you were to separate your WSDL
generation into a separate JAR that deployed the server and client code,
you could also use these from a different WAR project too.


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