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From John Casey <>
Subject Re: <build> section of pom.xml?
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 18:03:56 GMT
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Brett Porter wrote:
> Yes, sorry - I didn't write this up like I'd promised.
> Vincent Massol wrote:
>> <build> 
>>   <scriptSourceDirectory>src/main/scripts</scriptSourceDirectory> 
>>   <resources>
>>     <resource>
>>       <directory>src/main/scripts</directory>
>>       <includes><include>**/*.mmld</include></includes>
>>     </resource>
>>   </resources>
>> </build>
> I don't think the resources are needed here...

Actually, because of the way the scriptSourceDirectory interacts - or
doesn't, as it were - with the resources plugin, the resources entry is
still needed to ensure that scripts get copied into the target
directory. Since they're not compiled, they truly are resources...but
for the sake of identifying mojo-in-script files, it seemed appropriate
to single out a source directory for scripted sources, which are more
than passive resources.

I'm not going to tell you all that I'm completely happy with pom
configuration for scripted sources...yet. I do think it's important to
identify the directory used for scripts (keep in mind that no judgement
is made as to the type of scripts contained therein, so it's still
fairly generic). However, I'm not really sure it's appropriate for the
resources plugin to also scan the <scriptSourceDirectory/>. The only
other alternative to this dual definition might be to have a single mojo
that did for scripts what the resources mojo does for resources...

It all seems more than a little hack-ish for now. I'm open to suggestions.

- -john
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