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From John Casey <>
Subject problems with current binary bundle of m2
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2005 21:58:06 GMT
I just uncovered a problem which is surely present in the current binary
bundles of m2. It has to do with projects that depend on poms which
utilize interpolation or managed dependencies...

When such a project exists, the first plugin that resolves dependencies
will retrieve the correct and complete POM for each dependency, with
interpolation and managed deps included. HOWEVER, this first resolution
process will result in the models being incorrectly cached in the
project builder (cached before they are interpolated or have defaults
injected), which means that each subsequent plugin that uses a cached
model which utilizes these features will get a "raw" version of the
model; that is, with none of these higher-level features included.

As an interim solution, I have disabled cached-model retrieval from the
MavenMetadataSource. While this may slow m2 down a bit (since it will
have to build the models every time), it will at least provide correct
results until we have the time to address this error properly.

We need to generate new binary bundles for m2 as a result of these changes.



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