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Subject cvs commit: maven-components/maven-model maven.mdo
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 11:08:17 GMT
brett       2005/04/15 04:08:17

  Modified:    maven-site/src/site/xdoc docs-required.xml
                        getting-started.xml index.xml navigation.xml
               maven-model maven.mdo
  Added:       maven-site/src/site/xdoc dependencies.xml
  documentation enhancements, and added transitive dependencies document
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.2       +3 -2      maven-components/maven-site/src/site/xdoc/docs-required.xml
  Index: docs-required.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/maven-components/maven-site/src/site/xdoc/docs-required.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  --- docs-required.xml	14 Apr 2005 06:28:59 -0000	1.1
  +++ docs-required.xml	15 Apr 2005 11:08:16 -0000	1.2
  @@ -13,13 +13,14 @@
         <p style="font-size: larger; font-weight: bold">Documentation for users</p>
  -        <li>transitive dependencies</li>
  -        <li>dependency scope</li>
           <li>new SNAPSHOT handling -
             <i>partially done on Brett's blog</i>
           <li>deployment mechanism</li>
           <li>build lifecycle documentation</li>
  +        <li>dependency management</li>
  +        <li>plugin management</li>
  +        <li>plugin configuration</li>
         <p style="font-size: larger; font-weight: bold">Documentation for plugin authors</p>
  1.6       +7 -1      maven-components/maven-site/src/site/xdoc/getting-started.xml
  Index: getting-started.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/maven-components/maven-site/src/site/xdoc/getting-started.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.5
  retrieving revision 1.6
  diff -u -r1.5 -r1.6
  --- getting-started.xml	11 Apr 2005 16:30:57 -0000	1.5
  +++ getting-started.xml	15 Apr 2005 11:08:16 -0000	1.6
  @@ -10,6 +10,11 @@
           to build any project that requires Maven 2.0. It assumed that you have already
           <a href="download.html">Downloaded and Installed</a> a Maven 2.0 release.
  +      <p>
  +        If you are behind a proxy, make sure that you've read
  +        <a href="configuration.html">Configuring Maven</a> first
  +        for instructions on how to configure your proxy.
  +      </p>
         <subsection name="Creating a Project Skeleton">
             The first step is to create a Maven 2.0 project to work on. Run the following
  @@ -249,7 +254,8 @@
           <source>m2 clean:clean install</source>
  -          <b>Note: </b> If you didn't remove the <code>warName</code>
plugin configuration, this will have
  +          <b>Note: </b> If you didn't remove the
  +          <code>warName</code> plugin configuration, this will have
             failed due to a bug. Please remove that section, and try again.
  1.11      +5 -0      maven-components/maven-site/src/site/xdoc/index.xml
  Index: index.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/maven-components/maven-site/src/site/xdoc/index.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.10
  retrieving revision 1.11
  diff -u -r1.10 -r1.11
  --- index.xml	14 Apr 2005 06:28:59 -0000	1.10
  +++ index.xml	15 Apr 2005 11:08:16 -0000	1.11
  @@ -127,6 +127,11 @@
               <a href="configuration.html">Configuring Maven</a>
  +        <li>
  +          <i>
  +            <a href="dependencies.html">Dependency Mechanism</a>
  +          </i>
  +        </li>
           <!-- TODO
  1.8       +2 -3      maven-components/maven-site/src/site/xdoc/navigation.xml
  Index: navigation.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/maven-components/maven-site/src/site/xdoc/navigation.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.7
  retrieving revision 1.8
  diff -u -r1.7 -r1.8
  --- navigation.xml	14 Apr 2005 06:28:59 -0000	1.7
  +++ navigation.xml	15 Apr 2005 11:08:16 -0000	1.8
  @@ -15,9 +15,8 @@
       <menu name="User's Guide">
         <item name="Getting Started" href="getting-started.html"/>
  -      <!-- TODO
  -            <item name="Configuration" href="configuration.html"/>
  -      -->
  +      <item name="Configuration" href="configuration.html"/>
  +      <item name="Dependency Mechanism" href="dependencies.html"/>
         <item name="Developing Plugins with Marmalade" href="developing-plugins-with-marmalade.html"/>
       <menu name="Reference">
  1.1                  maven-components/maven-site/src/site/xdoc/dependencies.xml
  Index: dependencies.xml
      <title>Dependency Mechanism</title>
      <author email="">Brett Porter</author>
      <section name="Dependency Mechanism">
          There are many aspects to working with dependencies in Maven. While it is not the
sole focus of Maven, it
          does comprise a large and important part of the system.
          This document is currently in the process of being written, so not all facets are
        <subsection name="Transitive Dependencies">
            Transitive dependencies are a new feature in Maven 2.0. This allows you to avoid
needing to discover and
            specify the libraries that your own dependencies require, and including them automatically.
            This feature is facilitated by reading the project files of your dependencies
from the remote repositories
            specified. In general, all dependencies of those projects are used in your project,
as are any that the
            project inherits from its parents, or from its dependencies, and so on.
            There is no limit to the number of levels that dependencies can be gathered from,
and will only cause a problem
            if a cyclic dependency is discovered.
            With transitive dependencies, the graph of included libraries can quickly grow
quite large. For this reason,
            there are some additional features that will limit which dependencies are included:
              <i>Dependency mediation</i> - this determines what version of a
dependency will be used when multiple
              different ones are encountered. Currently, Maven 2.0 only supports using the
"nearest definition" - so
              you can always guarantee a version by declaring it explicitly in the project's
              <i>Dependency scope</i> - this allows you to only include dependencies
appropriate for the current stage
              of the build. This is described in more detail below.
            More features are planned, such as different mediation techniques and conflict
management as well as reporting,
            in later alpha versions of Maven 2.0.
        <subsection name="Dependency Scope">
            Dependency scope is used to limit the transitivity of a depedency, and also to
affect the classpath used for
            various build tasks.
            There are 3 scopes available:
              <b>compile</b> - this is the default scope, used if none is specified.
Compile dependencies are available
              in all classpaths.
              <b>runtime</b> - this scope indicates that the dependency is not
required for compilation, but is for execution.
              It is in the runtime and test classpaths, but not the compile classpath.
              <b>test</b> - this scope indicates that the dependency is not required
for normal use of the application, and
              is only available for the test compilation and execution phases.
            Each of the scopes affects transitive dependencies in different ways, as is demonstrated
in the table below.
            If a dependency is set to the scope in the left column, dependencies with the
scope across the top row will
            result in a dependency in the main project with the scope listed at the intersection.
If no scope is listed,
            it means the dependency will be omitted.
              <td>compile (*)</td>
            <b>(*) Note: </b> it is intended that this should be runtime instead,
so that all compile dependencies must
            be explicitly listed - however, there is the case where the library you depend
on extends a class from another
            library, forcing you to have available at compile time. For this reason, compile
time dependencies remain
            as compile scope even when they are transitive.
  1.98      +1 -1      maven-components/maven-model/maven.mdo
  Index: maven.mdo
  RCS file: /home/cvs/maven-components/maven-model/maven.mdo,v
  retrieving revision 1.97
  retrieving revision 1.98
  diff -u -r1.97 -r1.98
  --- maven.mdo	9 Apr 2005 02:07:15 -0000	1.97
  +++ maven.mdo	15 Apr 2005 11:08:16 -0000	1.98
  @@ -1092,7 +1092,7 @@
  -            The scope of the dependency - build, compile, test, runtime. Used to
  +            The scope of the dependency - compile, runtime, test. Used to
               calculate the various classpaths used for testing, etc. and for 
               determining which artifacts to include in a distribution of this

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