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Subject cvs commit: maven-components/maven-core/src/site/apt/releases alpha-1-deployment-checklist.apt
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2005 20:45:24 GMT
jdcasey     2005/04/04 13:45:24

  Added:       maven-core/src/site/apt/releases
  o Adding checklist for deploying the repository layout/pom style changes in advance of a
m2 alpha-1 rollout.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  maven-components/maven-core/src/site/apt/releases/alpha-1-deployment-checklist.apt
  Index: alpha-1-deployment-checklist.apt
    Maven2 alpha-1 Deployment Checklist
    * Convert repository at beaver:repository/ibiblio-v1 to beaver:repository/ibiblio-v3
    * Re-deploy anything required from ibiblio-v2 to ibiblio-v3
      Start by changing the <distributionManagement/> stanza for each root-pom,
      verifying that the <modules/> stanza covers all relevant projects, 
      committing any changes to pom's, and finally running 'm2 deploy' for each.
      - plexus (all)
      - maven-components (all)
      - marmalade (core, utils, ognl-el, commons-el, ant-compat, jelly-compat ...)
      - modello (all)
      - mojos (all)
      - doxia (all)
      - wagon (all)
      - surefire (all)
      - maven-scm (all)
    * Setup vhost on codehaus pointing to ibiblio-v3 repository directory for
    * Run test with locally-changed super-pom that references new ibiblio-v3 vhost.
      When this succeeds, we should be able to shutdown that test vhost.
    * Setup staging directory for rsync from feeder repositories.
      This directory will be used to bring in the contents of other artifact
      repositories, whereupon the repoclean utility will be run periodically to 
      convert them over to the format required for ibiblio-v3 (and dump them in
      The synchronization process should do the following:
      [[1]] synchronize artifact feeds into the staging directory. [STAGE-1]
      [[2]] run repoclean on the staging directory, and feed the output to the 
            ibiblio-sync staging directory. [STAGE-2]
            This will convert poms from v3 to v4, and directory structures from
            old layout to new layout.
      [[3]] clean out the inbound sync staging directory (STAGE-1).
      [[4]] synchronize STAGE-2 to
    * Setup synchronization between beaver:repository/ibiblio-v3 and ibiblio:/maven2.
    * Change the redirect for to point to
    * Change the repository directory structure for in super-pom
      to point to /maven2. 
      This will enable switching from redirect aliasing to CNAME aliasing of 
      ibiblio repository transparently, since usage of the CNAME method will
      require the correct URL path (URL rewriting and vhost on ibiblio side are
      not allowed). Basically, this allows us to keep our options open with an
      eye toward user support once m2 is released.
    * Wait for and/or push initial sync to ibiblio:/maven2.
    * Run test builds to verify new repository access is working.
    * Weed out the ibiblio-v2 repository to only m2 stuff, and then archive these
      artifacts in case we need them. Remove ibiblio-v2 directory.

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