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From Brett Porter <>
Subject memory leak
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 07:55:34 GMT

I've taken a look at m2 and gotten rid of the only memory leak that is
of our own doing.

Compilation and tests tend to leak during the reactor. If anyone knows
of a way to forceably dispose of a classloader and everything allocated
under it - that'd be great.
I'm guessing we can fix test leaks (though its something an individual
project needs to worry about), but compilation leaks will require either
forking, or using eclipse or something which behveas better than javac.

We should add the ability to optionally fork on everything, or once for
all tests and once for compilation to safeguard against leaks. This can
be an option for people suffering it in a long running process or
massive reactor (eg continuum). Another option for continuum is to fork
m2 instances that can act as servers for build requests. This was
something Hiram suggested.

Anyway, I think we're ok for now. The majority of plexus builds on my
machine using 18M of memory in a minute and a half (including some
rather slow tests).

- Brett

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