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From Michal Maczka <>
Subject Re: [jira] Work started: (MNG-173) pom changes
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 04:04:58 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:

>> What about such case (like mine) where some arbitrary property
>> needs to be shared by multiple plugins? Will this use case be excluded?
>> Will plugins be allowed to load properties of some other plugins?
> I'd prefer not to be sharing them. I think these could be loaded from 
> an external file (there is unlikely to be a need to push them into the 
> repository). For the specific examples you site, I think they may be 
> incorporated later anyway as the release management support grows.

I am thinking about cases like groovy. You should be able to define once 
and only once the place
where are located your groovy sources and  plugins like groovy compiler, 
groovy version of jxr, checkstyle, javadoc
etc should work out of the box. Obviously "default" layout  of 
directories for
projects using groovy  can be inherited so imo it make sense to put it 
to pom

In short I think that non standard settings which are crosscutting 
multiple plugins might be very helpful
for limiting number of places where some value must be changed. For 
example now if you are going to use jdk 1.5
with maven1 you have to set way to many properties in your pom. We also 
have many plugins taking settings from other plugins.
And this is not very good thing as plugins should not use other plugins 
and their settings,
Both those problems can be solved in generic way if plugins had access 
to non standard (means not having dedicated xml tag)
properties of pom.


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