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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: [jira] Work started: (MNG-173) pom changes
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 19:11:54 GMT
Michal Maczka wrote:

> I am thinking about cases like groovy. You should be able to define 
> once and only once the place
> where are located your groovy sources and  plugins like groovy 
> compiler, groovy version of jxr, checkstyle, javadoc
> etc should work out of the box. Obviously "default" layout  of 
> directories for
> projects using groovy  can be inherited so imo it make sense to put it 
> to pom

We will add a script source root.

> In short I think that non standard settings which are crosscutting 
> multiple plugins might be very helpful

Examples, other than those I have already covered off?

> for limiting number of places where some value must be changed. 

Anything that needs it should be stored and pipelined from the first 
plugin through to further uses, like the source roots are.

> For example now if you are going to use jdk 1.5
> with maven1 you have to set way to many properties in your pom. 

That's a flaw in the backwards compat of the JDK javac - a smarter 
compiler plugin can avoid this. How is this relevant?

> We also have many plugins taking settings from other plugins.

Poor design AFAICT, often necessitated by the lack of a defined 
lifecycle (eg, resetting the test failure ignore property on the test 

> And this is not very good thing as plugins should not use other 
> plugins and their settings,
> Both those problems can be solved in generic way if plugins had access 
> to non standard (means not having dedicated xml tag)
> properties of pom.

This isn't solving the problem, it's avoiding it.

- Brett

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