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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Problem with phase lifecycle
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2005 13:46:14 GMT
Maczka Michal wrote:

>>For now, I'd add "assemble" just before "package". As far as Michal's
>>thoughts about where tests belong - they should either be before
>>assemble or after package, not in between. I'm leaning towards keeping
>>them as is for now. This will not run integration tests, and you can
>>always either
>>a) disable tests during a dev cycle
>>b) not put the tests in the webapp (I tended to put all the code in a
>>JAR, and the war only had integration tests, which will come 
>>after package).
>It depends on what else do you imagine to happen in the "assemble" phase.
Some of these are definite possibilities, but here is where I see them

>For example generation of the manifest file, 
process-resources (as you may be editing an existing one)

>generation of deployment
>descriptors from the code and stuff like that can go there.
generation from code is probably process-sources. But again,
process-resources is probably appropriate, ensuring they are in place
for tests.

>(just thinking)
>Maybe the package phase could be really dumb and the same for all plugins:
>the content of some directory will be added to an archive?
That would be the guideline, but that kind of restriction is
unnecessary. For jar-like artifacts, it's easy enough to just extend and
enhance the JarMojo as Emmanuel is doing.

I don't think we've tested the limits of the lifecycle yet. I'm much
happier working with the simple basis we have as each use case comes up,
refactoring as we go, rather than the grand plan up front.
But for instance, dist:dist will be a package goal that may well behave
with a similar lifecycle.

>Only problem with that: it will just slightly slow down the processing. But
>this might be no issue as it will be fast enough or for example 
Isn't this exactly what I said before that you argued down due to 20mb

>the idea of Mark Wilkinson can help here?
Yes, I have every intention of prodding Mark until he does that (or
failing that, someone else wil pick it up :). We've needed that for a
very long time.

- Brett

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