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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Problem with phase lifecycle
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2005 14:13:03 GMT
Emmanuel Venisse wrote:

>>Did you declare
>>@goal war-resources
>>@phase process-resources
>>@goal webapp
>>@phase process-classes
>>in the mojos? That should work.
>It's what I do. It don't work.
Check that the mojo descriptor (META-INF/maven/plugin.xml) is correct,
but if so it will take some debugging. I can take a look tomorrow if it
is committed).

>>I'm not sure war:webapp is process-classes - do you? I think it is
>>"package", and war:war extends the mojo (rather than prereq'ing it like
>>in m1).
>Yes, I prefer to use package phase, but war:war use it too.
>war:war extends the jar mojo for share some code.
>I don't think I can add 2 goals in the same phase, and choose the execution
No, we can't choose execution order. So far, there isn't really a case
for it.

I don't think the war mojo should extend the JAR mojo - I'd prefer it
extended the warwebapp mojo. I thought all the code it uses from JAR is
part of plexus-archiver?

Do you agree?

I'd prefer to go with what works wrt the lifecycle first, and worry
about proper reuse later.

If the packaging is a problem, the alternative is to have a "package"
phase (webapp) and an "archive" phase (war) I guess.

Finally, I think war:exploded is a better name than war:webapp -
generally exploded is used to refer to an unpacked webapp. What do you

- Brett

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