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From Carlos Sanchez <>
Subject Re: new repository conversion and cleanup tool in sandbox: repoclean
Date Fri, 18 Mar 2005 21:50:45 GMT
Hi John,

I'll try to explain a bit what I've done with the repo tools.

I've added some logic to repository-tools to get all the artifacts
from a file based repository. I needed to make this because wagon
doesn't provide a way to get all the artifacts to iterate over them.
It was just a quick hack.

Now I'm able to know if each artifact have a checksum throught
maven-artifact. To ease the use of the tool I've created a repository
mojo (which I'll move to the sandbox because it's a better place) that
prints all files in the local repo which don't have checksum file.

The last thing I tried is checking that the checksum corresponds the
file. I was trying to reuse the checksum observer from wagon, so my
idea was downloading the artifacts from the local repo to a temp dir
using wagon.

Another problem with the repository tools component is that I needed
to remove two files in order to get it compiled, because the Pomv3tov4
class tries to access maven model in a package v300 that doesn't

I'll try to elaborate on this and write some doc but in the meantime
feel free to ask any question.



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