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From Rafal Krzewski <>
Subject Re: Dependency naming convention
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 08:00:42 GMT
Michal Maczka wrote:
>>> I think that "/" is natural symbol which is very commonly used to
>>> divide segments in the paths.
>>> In addition "/" should already work in both in m1 & m2 (if not
>>> probably some minor correction will be needed)
>>> while usage of "." will require extra logic in __any tool___ which
>>> will use poms including m1 and m2

Hello all,

I recall a discussion long time ago about decentralized maven 
repositories. If groupId = a domain name, maven (wagon or whatever else) 
might use http://<groupId>/maven as the remote repository for this 
group's aritfacts. This allows organizations to make their stuff 
available without central repository overhead.

Of course the user should get the organization's public key from a 
trusted source for verifying the artifacts integrity, but this is a 
whole different story.


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