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From Michal Maczka <>
Subject Re: Dependency naming convention
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 05:37:25 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:

>I think it would be much wiser to use a package name for group Id going
>forward for consistency.
Is there any reason for that?

I knew that this wiki page exists but this proposition does not make 
much sense for me.

I think that "/" is natural symbol which is very commonly used to divide 
segments in the paths.
In addition "/" should already work in both in m1 & m2 (if not probably 
some minor correction will be needed)
while usage of "." will require extra logic in __any tool___ which will 
use poms including m1 and m2
(thus will make implementation harder)
Also if we will use "." it will  turn this symbol into forbiden 
characters which not  should be used in names
of the segments (unless we will define special way of escaping it). So 
direectory name should not containt dots.
 Note that people can still use "/" and it will be hard to decide what 
you want to do in case
when this chracter was used. So usage of "." will make whole thing more 
to implement, use, document and understand and I don't see a __single__ 
profit from this convention.
Can you point to least one reason why "your" convention is better?

I think it will be nice to stick to well establised standarts e.g:

I hope (I will experiment tommorow) that actually "/" is already fully 
supported by m1 and no changes
are needed.

So my question is: would it be wise to start using it already?


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