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From John Casey <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: maven-components/maven-core/src/site/apt/scripting-support marmalade-support.apt
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 03:12:14 GMT
fyi, when we address language support, we'll probably have to address 
something similar to <sourceModifications/> since it's entirely possible 
that a marmalade scripts can import one another like JSPs...meaning that 
it's also plausible to have "component" marmalade scripts that perform 
one common action in a reusable way, and have that "component" imported 
into multiple mojo scripts. The component script wouldn't be a mojo 
script, and therefore would cause the mojo-generation process to puke.

To solve this problem, I'd make a sourceModification that excluded all 
scripts in **/components or somesuch.

John Casey wrote:
> Brett Porter wrote:
>>> Another option to implement the descriptor annotations for 
>>> non-marmalade (that is, java-syntax-based) might be to have a base 
>>> class or interface from which all mojo scripts inherit. I've looked 
>>> around, and this is technically possible in janino and beanshell, and 
>>> jason tells me it's possible in groovy as well. One thing about 
>>> creating a GUI mojo editor is that unless we're going to provide 
>>> syntactic support for all of our supported mojo scripting languages, 
>>> it's not going to bring much value...
>> Right, but if someone else provides support for said language (at 
>> least groovy are pushing this), then it'd be good if we don't have to 
>> do additional work on top of that.
> Presumably, if someone writes support for a scripting language it'd 
> support the same constructs and syntax that the language itself 
> that would make our job as easy as proving a 
> script-template with the appropriate methods and/or class declarations...
> I'm basically indifferent on this part, provided we can include the mojo 
> markup inline with the source. I really do think it'll make the 
> developer's life easier, and the mojos themselves easier to intuit and 
> maintain.

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