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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Jason's lifecycle doco
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 11:20:10 GMT

>I think I'm right to say that the reason m1 has problems with goals
>being run multiple times is the attainGoal element. The normal goal
>graph that's built declaratively can be analysed to make sure a goal is
>only executed once in a session. Goals called through attainGoal aren't
>(and can't be in general) part of this analysis.
While I generally agree - a clarification: there's a one line change to 
turn this on in m1 so it is only attained once. Like much, it'd break a 
bunch of things though :)

The problem is more about how it is defined - usually when you declare 
"do this now", that's what you want regardless. Unforunately that's not 
how its been used.

So there's nothing particularly preventing using such syntax - it just 
needs some safeguards from abuse.

- Brett

>If we can model the whole of the build process as a graph we can analyse
>it to prevent things being executed more than once. If we leave an
>escape hatch for plugins to invoke goals as part of their execution
>we're likely to lose this ability. (I think we're safe here, as I
>presume the plugin interface won't be extended to allow plugins to
>invoke goals.)

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