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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Jason's lifecycle doco
Date Sun, 23 Jan 2005 01:35:51 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:

>Mojos would not declare their ordering needs. They would simply describe
>their parameters and what phase they fit into.
I'll have to think it through some more, but isn't it possible there'd 
be two mojos participating in the same phase which must have a specific 

>I'll keep committing the doco changes and I should be done a first
>complete pass by tomorrow. Folks can take a peek and provide any
>feedback and I will start implementing the first pass on Tuesday
>incorporating any changes we decide as we go.
ok. I think it might still take some time to get through everything once 
we've had a chance to think through it.

A couple of things about the current lifecycle:
- should there be process-test-classes?
- I'm a bit uneasy about test being a copy of the previous set of 
phases. Considering that integration tests may also have the same set of 
phases, maybe this needs to be a parameterised set of phases reused?
- naming of the phases should probably be less java-specific, though 
these phases still seem to fit any language its always worth double 

I'm again a bit lost about how something like jcoverage fits in. I know 
a site is different, but if you assume it to be a standalone task, how 
does that work?

Were you ok with the integration test stuff I brought up too, making 
that phase essentially optional in some environments?


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