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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: m2 plugins
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 03:47:43 GMT
Quoting Mauro Botelho <>:

> I was looking at the mailing list archive and saw a message about an
> eclipse plugin. Where could I find it? I looked in CVS but couldn't
> find anything.

> In a separate note, I was looking at JIRA for things that I could help
> with and came across this issue:
> I tried to reproduce, but didn't get an error. I went into
> maven-components/maven-core and typed m2 -r and didn't get a NPE. Was
> this issue already fixed?

That should be m2 -r some_goal, eg m2 -r jar:install. I haven't tried it
recently - thanks for the ping. Next chance I have to test it I will close it.
Actually, the reactor is currently broken otherwise, so maybe better to wait for

In what areas would you like to help? m2 is pre-alpha at the moment, so there's
is not going to be a lot to help you get started unfortunately, and things can
change quite quickly.


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