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From Michal Maczka <>
Subject Re: reintroduction of for config orthogonal to POMs
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 20:23:18 GMT
Jason van Zyl wrote:


>I'm not sure if there will be any configuration options like
>maven.repo.local but I think it belongs outside the POM and we can
>search for its value in a defined way like:
>- (for tools that embed m2)
>- value in ~/.m2/
>Or whatever is best we should do, I would like to align everything this
>week. M1 will obey system properties over anything else so maybe we
>should take the same approach with m2.
I am pretty sure that there will be other configuration settings which 
belongs outside the pom.
Configuration of Proxy Server(s) settings is one of them. 

I think we should rather use xml file then properties file as it will 
give as a better flexibility
I suppose that we can try to use the new functionality provided by 
plexus - linked and inlined external configuration for reading such 
settings. Maybe we can introduce new component which will contain an 
access to those settings?


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