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From John Casey <>
Subject Re: setting jar:install on its head
Date Thu, 23 Sep 2004 14:05:24 GMT
> - what "m2 release" means for poms with <version>0.16</version> (not
> <version>0.16-SNAPSHOT</version>

why do we need to specify x.x-SNAPSHOT in the version element? If we 
assume that we're producing a snapshot artifact unless we use one of the 
myriad *-release goals (proposed, not currently in place), then this is 
a useless annotation.

I'd propose that in all cases, we have the "next" version in the POM...

If we're releasing snapshots building toward 0.17, then it's 

Then, everything we build that's not the result of a *-release goal 
might look similar to:


as a timestamp, or else using some sort of serial counter.

I just don't understand the value of distinguishing a -SNAPSHOT 
versioned POM from a regularly versioned one...unless we assume that 
it's legitimate to build both snapshots and releases as part of everyday 
development activity for a particular project. I'm not eager to do this. 
I think that any place that has a release strategy at all would disagree 
with this. Snapshot production should dominate the common usage of maven 
by a factor of like 10 to 1, so it stands to reason - to me, at least - 
that we should make and widely document the assumption that maven will 
build snapshots, UNLESS a *-release goal is fired.


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