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From Brett Porter <>
Subject RE: artifact types/extensions
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 01:33:43 GMT
> I am -1 on this. The simple sentence akin to "they are the same thing
> just packaged differently" is indicative of a problem and potential
> future problems.

I'm not sure why that indicates a problem. I'm trying not to pollute type with
things which are essentially the same project, but result in something different.

I do see your point - the dependency element is long enough, and it is good to
keep it the same as the project itself. But what other solution are you
proposing? Single type is fine as long as we can map that to a single directory
in the repository with filenames that match what they were intended to be.

What this leads to are two types of types though: a bunch of types will be valid
in dependency but not in project (eg ejb-client). I don't know which is better.

> What happens to make the ejb-client JAR? Some special compiler? Does it
> operate on the sources or the ejb JAR?

It's just a subset of the EJB jar. There are a few use cases for this - where a
second JAR is provided with only an -api for example. And then there's the
distribution stuff too.

- Brett

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