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From Brett Porter <>
Subject artifact types/extensions
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 01:42:11 GMT

I'm just checking how this sits in m2 land so the stuff I'm hacking into m1's
artifact is somewhat compatible.

So, we have single projects generating multiple artifacts of different types
(dists, jars, documentation, poms, etc). In m1, there is a mapping of type to
extension, so one type = one extension. 

I believe this is taken care of so that there can be multiple different
extensions for a single type (where the artifact is the same, but presented
differently - eg tar.gz vs zip, etc) - is this correct?

What about src dists vs bin dists? I originally thought of them as different
types, but this isn't really the same thing. Also - you really want to name the
files differently. This also applies to things like ejb where you have a client JAR.

What I was thinking was that there is also a "derivative" attribute of an
artifact, that goes between version and extension. What do people think?

So the final specification of an identifier for an artifact would be:

Where derivative defaults to none and each type has one default format, although
formats are not related to type explicitly. The filename would be:
Where -derivative is optional and version may be replaced by a snapshot version.


- Brett

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