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From GitBox <>
Subject [GitHub] [maven-shade-plugin] dependabot[bot] opened a new pull request #114: Bump plexus-utils from 3.3.0 to 3.4.0
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2021 06:27:19 GMT

dependabot[bot] opened a new pull request #114:

   Bumps [plexus-utils]( from 3.3.0 to 3.4.0.
   <summary>Release notes</summary>
   <p><em>Sourced from <a href="">plexus-utils's
   <!-- raw HTML omitted -->
   <li>Enforcing JDK 11 on release (<a href="">#148</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​mkarg</code></a></li>
   <li>Using JDK 16 GA instead of JDK 16 EA (<a href="">#147</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​mkarg</code></a></li>
   <li>Fixed infinite loop in MXParser and reactivate tests in MXParserTest (<a href="">#119</a>,<a
<a href=""><code>@​belingueres</code></a></li>
   <li>Added support for PPC64LE (<a href="">#97</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​ezeeyahoo</code></a></li>
   <li>Avoid build issues with symlink (<a href="">#90</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​olamy</code></a></li>
   <li>New feature FileUtils.linkFile(source, destination) (<a href="">#82</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​mkarg</code></a></li>
   <li>Fix Javadoc build with Java 11 (<a href="">#88</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​olamy</code></a></li>
   <li>Support combine.keys (<a href="">#76</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​rfscholte</code></a></li>
   <li>Support combine.self=&quot;remove&quot; (<a href="">#75</a>,<a
<a href=""><code>@​belingueres</code></a></li>
   <li>Input location (<a href="">#62</a>,<a
<a href=""><code>@​hboutemy</code></a></li>
   <li>UT improvement : Check that symlinks resources are preserved during git clone
(<a href="">#56</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​rfscholte</code></a></li>
   <li>Junit4 annotations (<a href="">#55</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​rfscholte</code></a></li>
   <li>Test failure in CommandlineTest#testExecuteBinaryOnPath with Maven 3.5.4 or later
(<a href="">#50</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​belingueres</code></a></li>
   <li>PrettyPrintXMLWriter fails with a java.util.NoSuchElementException (Java 1.7
only) (<a href="">#52</a>,<a
<a href=""><code>@​belingueres</code></a></li>
   <!-- raw HTML omitted -->
   <h2>🚀 New features and improvements</h2>
   <li>Multi-Release-Jar with initial support for JDK 9 and JDK 10 NIO API (<a href="">#120</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​mkarg</code></a></li>
   <li>Using NIO 8 to allow better offloading / performance (<a href="">#111</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​mkarg</code></a></li>
   <li>NIO-7: Potential performance gains using offloading (<a href="">#91</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​mkarg</code></a></li>
   <li>Various small speed improvements (<a href="">#106</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​gnodet</code></a></li>
   <li>Add removeAttribute method to Xpp3Dom (<a href="">#94</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​olamy</code></a></li>
   <li>Add public String[] getRawCommandline() to avoid OS dependency code in unit tests
(<a href="">#68</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​zosrothko</code></a></li>
   <h2>🐛 Bug Fixes</h2>
   <li>Fix MXParser fails to parse xml declaration properly (<a href="">#138</a>)
(<a href="">#139</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​belingueres</code></a></li>
   <li>Fix MXParser improve error reporting (<a href="">#136</a>)
(<a href="">#137</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​belingueres</code></a></li>
   <li>Fix MXParser do not fail when the leading white space is missing (<a href="">#134</a>)
(<a href="">#135</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​belingueres</code></a></li>
   <li>Fix MXParser fails to recognize illegal character references (<a href="">#132</a>)
(<a href="">#133</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​belingueres</code></a></li>
   <li>Fix MXParser failing to parse properly 'standalone' declaration attribute (<a
(<a href="">#131</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​belingueres</code></a></li>
   <li>Fix MXParser not failing when space is missing in xml declaration (<a href="">#128</a>)
(<a href="">#129</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​belingueres</code></a></li>
   <li>Fixed MXParser do not fail when encountering invalid characters in comments (<a
(<a href="">#127</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​belingueres</code></a></li>
   <li>Not building on JRE 7 anymore, since we pushed minimum to JRE 8 (<a href="">#115</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​mkarg</code></a></li>
   <h2>📦 Dependency updates</h2>
   <li>Bump actions/cache to v2.1.5 (<a href="">#150</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​dependabot</code></a></li>
   <li>Bump jmh-generator-annprocess to 1.29 (<a href="">#146</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​dependabot</code></a></li>
   <li>Bump jmh-core to 1.29 (<a href="">#145</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​dependabot</code></a></li>
   <li>Bump release-drafter/release-drafter from v5.13.0 to v5.15.0 (<a href="">#144</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​dependabot</code></a></li>
   <li>Bump plexus from 6.1 to 6.4 (<a href="">#89</a>)
<a href=""><code>@​dependabot</code></a></li>
   <h2>👻 Maintenance</h2>
   <li>Java 16 support for ReflectionUtils (<a href="">#123</a>,<a
<a href=""><code>@​axel3rd</code></a></li>
   <li><a href=""><code>6f2b70a</code></a>
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release plexus-utils-3.4.0</li>
   <li><a href=""><code>7d26d04</code></a>
fix javadoc issues</li>
   <li><a href=""><code>17ed658</code></a>
upgrade parent pom from 7 to 8</li>
   <li><a href=""><code>2849147</code></a>
Create codeql-analysis.yml</li>
   <li><a href=""><code>8210833</code></a>
Update CI config</li>
   <li><a href=""><code>a2efde3</code></a>
Bump actions/cache from v2.1.4 to v2.1.5</li>
   <li><a href=""><code>2db9aac</code></a>
Enforcing JDK 11 on release</li>
   <li><a href=""><code>d349b5f</code></a>
   <li><a href=""><code>9ed17bb</code></a>
   <li><a href=""><code>67ca06d</code></a>
Remove old JDK versions and add 17-ea</li>
   <li>Additional commits viewable in <a href="">compare
   <br />
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