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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject Re: Doxia Versioning (WAS Preparation of Doxia 1.0-beta-1 release)
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2009 14:42:15 GMT

One side remark about the site: for doxia-1.1 (was 1.0-beta-1) we have modified 
the  apt format with the plan to render obsolete the original apt used in maven 
2.0.x. If we are going to support and maintain both doxia-1.0 (was alpha branch) 
and doxia-1.1 then we have to keep both formats documented on the doxia site. It's 
not a big problem since we have already separate docs for the old style and the 
changes in the new format [1]. I can take care to add notes about the different 
versions in those documents, or should we keep two completely different 
descriptions of the apt format on the site? Or two different web sites (for 1.0 
and 1.1) altogether?



Dennis Lundberg wrote:
> JIRA is done now. I've changed the names of the versions in JIRA in the
> following way, for both DOXIA and DOXIASITETOOLS:
> Old version -> New version
> 1.0-beta-1  -> 1.1
> 1.0-beta-2  -> 1.2
> 1.0         -> 1.3
> I also added a 1.0 version for each project. They currently have no
> issues connected to them.

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