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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Removed org.codehaus.doxia.sink.Sink for 1.0
Date Sun, 14 Dec 2008 23:42:16 GMT

On 15/12/2008, at 10:21 AM, Vincent Siveton wrote:

> 2008/12/14 Benjamin Bentmann <>:
>> Vincent Siveton wrote:
>>> I proposed to remove officially org.codehaus.doxia.sink.Sink for the
>>> 1.0 (DOXIA-146).
>>> WDYT?
>> This interface is still referenced by MavenReport from the
>> maven-reporting-api. Hence it seems removing it would require a new
>> reporting API when Doxia 1.0 is integrated into Maven. Not sure how  
>> much
>> havoc that causes to all the reporting Maven plugins out there.
> Agree with you for maven 2.0.x but for maven 2.1.x I think it is  
> possible.

You will need to at least introduce the overloaded method into 2.0.x  
and deprecate the old one... but again this might cause problems for  
anyone using the interface and not the AbstractMavenReport.

Perhaps a better approach can be found that can isolate the  
classloading of different versions in the Core so that the change can  
be made directly.

- Brett

Brett Porter

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