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From Benjamin Bentmann <>
Subject Re: (output) encoding support in doxia-sink-api
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 14:27:57 GMT
Hervé BOUTEMY wrote:

> For the next 1.0-beta-1 version, 2 methods have been added to SinkFactory 
> interface to improve encoding support:
> - Sink createSink( File outputDir, String outputName, String encoding )

Sounds good. This would enable the caller to configure the desired 
output encoding for text-based sinks like XHTML.

> - Sink createSink( Writer writer )
> [...]
> 2. some formats embed images, like RTF or PDF, then need direct stream access 
> to write binary data
> Then I think "Sink createSink( Writer writer )" should be removed.

Makes sense, too. One can setup a writer on top of a stream but the 
reverse is not possible. So it's sensible to not limit the API to 
writers and support binary-based sinks.

It might however be convenient to create an AbstractTextSinkFactory from 
which all/most text-based sinks could inherit. For instance, 
XhtmlSinkFactory and XdocSinkFactory look pretty much the same. In more 
detail, how about

   public abstract class AbstractTextSinkFactory
       * @param writer The writer for the sink output, never 
       * @param encoding The character encoding used by the writer.
     protected abstract Sink createSink( Writer writer, String encoding )
       throws IOException;

     public Sink createSink( File outputDir, String outputName )
       return createSink( outputDir, outputName, "UTF-8" );

     public Sink createSink( File outputDir, String outputName, String 
encoding )
       // check args, create out dir, yadayada
       Writer writer = WriterFactory.newWriter( new File( outputDir, 
outputName ), encoding );
       return createSink( writer, encoding );

Based on this, subclasses could be trimmed down to

   public class XHtmlSinkFactory
     protected abstract Sink createSink( Writer writer, String encoding )
       return new XhtmlSink( writer, encoding );

The encoding parameter passed in here is apparently only informative. It 
would merely allow the sinks to determine the encoding, e.g. for the XML 

> Or if we want an API without filename, this method could be transformed into 
> Sink createSink( OutputStream output ) + Sink createSink( OutputStream 
> output, String encoding ).

Unless we actually have need for this (testing with in-memory streams?), 
I would keep the interface slim to ease its implementation.

Another question might be: Does the relation
   1 sink -> 1 output file/stream
always hold or are there formats that might need to output multiple 
files? In the later case, createSink( OutputStream ) would be troublesome.


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