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From Hervé BOUTEMY <>
Subject (output) encoding support in doxia-sink-api
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 12:45:00 GMT
Hi folks,

For the next 1.0-beta-1 version, 2 methods have been added to SinkFactory 
interface to improve encoding support:
- Sink createSink( File outputDir, String outputName, String encoding )
- Sink createSink( Writer writer )
See [1] for the full interface.

I worked with Vincent to implement output encoding in Doxia, and we faced 
problems that lead us think that forcing a fixed encoding was the right 
approach to have something simple and reliable: with UTF-8 as this fixed 
encoding, this didn't limit end-users from any country in the world.

But now, I'm convinced it's not the right approach and API:
1. some formats need to output the encoding (like HTML, or XML): we need an 
encoding parameter, as we can't get it from a Writer instance
2. some formats embed images, like RTF or PDF, then need direct stream access 
to write binary data

Then I think "Sink createSink( Writer writer )" should be removed.
Or if we want an API without filename, this method could be transformed into 
Sink createSink( OutputStream output ) + Sink createSink( OutputStream 
output, String encoding ).

Any objection or idea?



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