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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: FYI
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2008 14:13:35 GMT
I haven't work on it for a few weeks. So go ahead and do your release.  
We can call what I have a different version later. I'll have no time  
in the next month to push it in.

On 14-Aug-08, at 6:06 AM, Lukas Theussl wrote:

> Jason,
> Do you have any updates on that?
> Vincent is urging me to prepare a release of doxia-beta-1 which  
> would be done from current trunk. There are no scheduled JIRAs left  
> and everything seems ready from my viewpoint. So question: is trunk  
> releas-able in your opinion or what are your plans wrt to the  
> changes you discussed?
> Thanks,
> -Lukas
> Lukas Theussl wrote:
>> IMO these are all changes that should go into beta-1. The coupling  
>> with maven/plexus has always been a major frustration, the sooner  
>> this is removed, the better. The logging API was only added in  
>> beta-1, so if you are going to dump it anyway, do it now. I don't  
>> know what your plans are with book and maven-plugin but I do hope  
>> they will survive somewhere, just not in the core?
>> In any case, I am concerned that the doxia development is getting  
>> more and more away from what is currently used be maven (ie the  
>> alpha branch), maybe we should think about releasing alpha-11 as  
>> 1.0 final and move on with doxia 1.1 or 2.0? Opinions?
>> -Lukas
>> Jason van Zyl wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Just letting folks know that I've taken what's in trunk and I've  
>>> been  chopping it apart for a couple weeks:
>>> - removing plexus as a requirement
>>> - dumped the doxia-book module -- it doesn't belong in the core
>>> - dumped the doxia-maven-plugin module -- it doesn't belong in the  
>>> core
>>> - dumped the doxia-logging-api -- I don't know who did this but  
>>> it's  just a bad idea
>>> - i combined the parser and sink apis. they are never used apart  
>>> in  practice, the separate attempt failed inside maven
>>> My ultimate goal is to extract the dependency on doxia out of  
>>> Maven's  core. What's happened is a terrible coupling. The plugin  
>>> manager is  bound to doxia because of reports which essentially  
>>> look like plugins  and ultimately it should just be another system  
>>> that is pulled in as a  set of components. That release of maven  
>>> and doxia are coupled needs  to be removed for Maven 2.1. I am  
>>> personally interested in creating a  data driven API for  
>>> reporting, not a document driven API. No one needs  to use what  
>>> I'm making, but at the very least I will remove the  dependency on  
>>> Doxia from Maven's core. I'll probably put this  somewhere in the  
>>> next few weeks to show people, I just started one day  a few weeks  
>>> ago and I just ended up where I am now. Not saying anyone  has to  
>>> use what I'm making just giving folks a heads up.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jason
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>>> Jason van Zyl
>>> Founder,  Apache Maven
>>> jason at sonatype dot com
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>>> -- Shakespeare



Jason van Zyl
Founder,  Apache Maven
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