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From "Vincent Siveton" <>
Subject Re: MNG-3402
Date Wed, 14 May 2008 10:28:09 GMT
Hi Lukas,

2008/5/13, Lukas Theussl <>:
>  I am not sure I understand correctly the implications of MNG-3402 [1] wrt
> the beta-1 release plan. Is the following correct?
>  - in order for the site plugin to use doxia-beta-1, we need to resolve
> MNG-3402


>  - MNG-3402 can be resolved in three different ways: 1) release maven-2.0.10
> with doxia bumped to beta-1, 2) remove the sink-api filtering as proposed by
> Vincent, 3) both of the two

1) is the easiest solution and as you said, site plugin will have a
prerequisite on 2.0.10
2) or 3) seems to work but over a period of time, the risk of multiple
side effects will exist, specially for report plugins using old Doxia
version (ie alpha-7)

>  - however it is resolved, the site plugin would have a prereq on
> maven-2.0.10, is that right?


>  - we will have to release a couple of other things together with the site
> plugin (PIR, plugin-plugin at least) also with deps bumped to doxia-beta-1.

site PIR are core plugins to produce documentation. Plugin plugin is a
report plugin as others. It sounds reasonable to release it with
beta-1, but I think we need to release all report plugins like PMD

>  Any more insight would be welcome...

No more ;)



>  Cheers,
>  -Lukas
>  [1]

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