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From Abhijit Bagri <>
Subject Twiki Module Enhancements
Date Fri, 23 May 2008 06:41:49 GMT

I am Abhijit and work in a platform team at Yahoo! We recently moved 
documentation of our project from our Twiki web to mvn, primarily so 
that we could maintain our documentation more effectively and keep it in 
sync with rapidly changing feature set of our platform.

I tried using the twiki module. I found it quite a bit done, but there 
were a bunch of features we needed for us to use it. I have 
enhanced/modified the twiki module for the following features:

1. Enable doxia macros in twiki-module. The syntax I have chosen for 
this is %MACRO_NAME|param=value|param2=value2%
This was most important for the toc macro. A related change which was 
needed is #2

2. Since toc needed the whole doc source to be supplied, I had to modify 
ByLineSource implementation to have the entire source. Since changing 
the whole line based implementation was taknig too much, I just emulated 
whole source reading and supporting the getLine method in the new 

3. Enable linking of wiki words.

Earlier a [[MyWikiWord]] would get likned to ./MyWikiWord. I am not sure 
why it was this way. Some light on this? I needed it to point it to 
./MyWikiWord.html to be useful. Similarly for linking up wikiwords in 

4. Enable HTML tags. I saw a JIRA on this. Its not assigned so I guess I 
can put in my patch there

5. Enabling verbatim and blockquote. verbatim did not seem to work 
properly for me.

We are currently using a patched version of alpha-9 successfully at 
Yahoo! (for internal usage only). However, We though that the community 
may benefit from this and decided to contribute back.

I see that the current tag is 11-alpha. I would appreciate if someone 
could let me know progress on these issues. I will create necessary JIRA 
for this and add my patch after that.


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