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From Lukas Theussl <>
Subject link/anchors in apt
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 12:40:28 GMT

I'd like to fix in beta-1 
still to avoid possible breaking changes later on. I am a bit confused 
about APT though as we seem to have a lot of different standards 
floating around in our own docs. Just to make sure I am on the right 
track, this is how I understand that things should work, which we should 
enforce in beta-1:

1) external links are links that start with http:/ , https:/ , ftp:/ , 
file:/ , mailto: , ../ , or ./  (Windows-style ..\  and .\  are NOT 
allowed contrary to the original apt docs).

This means in particular that links to other source documents have to 
start with ./ or ../, ie something like {{getting-started/index.html}} 
is NOT valid, you nee to pre-pend ./ (just to be clear: this is APT 
specific, the above link would be valid in an xdoc).

2) internal links are links to anchors within the same source document, 
eg "Link to {{anchor}}". Anchors have to be valid id's as defined in the 
Sink javadocs for anchor() [1].

This means in particular that links to anchors must not start with "#", 
eg all the links in the beginning of [2] are NOT valid.

Does that sound reasonable? The alternative would be to handle links a 
la HTML, ie to mark internal links with "#" as suggested at DOXIA-208, 
this would render the examples at [2] valid.

Any comments/objections?



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