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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: releasing 1.0
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 11:54:33 GMT
Vincent Siveton wrote:
> Hi Jason,
> 2008/4/28 Jason van Zyl <>:
>> Hi,
>>  After chatting with Lukas and Vincent on IRC I think if we want to continue
>> with changes to Doxia then we should release the 1.0 for the site plugin and
>> move on.
>>  I know that changes Vincent Massol would like to make are important, and I
>> have started to fully decouple the site notions from the core of doxia. Move
>> it toward a set of parsers and sinks. Let client code deal with sites,
>> parser managers, sink managers and whatever else. Tools like the macro
>> manager can also be added in a more flexible way where those tools are
>> plugins to the system.
> DEFINITELY agree on that! I have in mind a plugin way for macro things.
>>  So how about we release 1.0 and then hack away on the future?
> Always agree on it but IMHO we need to follow our process, i.e. beta-1
> soon and 1.0. Beta-1 seems very easy to make according Jira and 1.0 is
> mainly about schema or DTD.
> After that, we need to support correctly the site-plugin and thus
> release it as 2.0. Same things for PIR. I don't think there is any
> rush to release Doxia. After all, Doxia has around 3 years of alpha ;)
> Finally, I will be confident to start on Doxia 2.0 :)

Here's what I'd like to do:

- Release a last 1.0-alpha of Doxia, from the alpha branch
- Update the Site plugin to use that released alpha of Doxia
- Release maven-doxia-tools 1.0 and use that in the Site plugin
- Release Site plugin 2.0-beta-7, moving the other issues slated for 
beta-7 to beta-8
- Switch the Site plugin (2.0-beta-8-SNAPSHOT) over to use Doxia beta-1 
- Release Doxia beta-1
- Release Site plugin beta-8 using Doxia beta-1
- Start collecting a list of issues that blocks a Doxia 1.0 release
- Push that list down to 0
- Release Doxia 1.0
- Release Site plugin 2.0

The beta-7 release of the Site plugin is to make the releases smaller. 
Currently beta-7 already has 17 issues fixed.

I'm volunteering to do the Doxia alpha release and all the Site plugin 

We also need someone to release maven-doxia-tools (a shared component) 
and Doxia beta-1 and 1.0.

> Cheers,
> Vincent
>>  Thanks,
>>  Jason
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>>  Jason van Zyl
>>  Founder,  Apache Maven
>>  jason at sonatype dot com
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>> worth knowing.
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Dennis Lundberg

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