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From "Juan F. Codagnone" <>
Subject Re: Twiki Module Enhancements
Date Sat, 24 May 2008 20:58:53 GMT


I am really glad to hear that you guys at Yahoo are using and
contribuiting to the twiki module.

On Friday 23 May 2008, Abhijit Bagri wrote:
> 2. Since toc needed the whole doc source to be supplied, I had to modify
> ByLineSource implementation to have the entire source. Since changing
> the whole line based implementation was taknig too much, I just emulated
> whole source reading and supporting the getLine method in the new
> implementation.

Couldn't be the TOC be generated transversing the block tree returned by the 

> 3. Enable linking of wiki words.
> Earlier a [[MyWikiWord]] would get likned to ./MyWikiWord. I am not sure
> why it was this way. Some light on this? I needed it to point it to
> ./MyWikiWord.html to be useful. Similarly for linking up wikiwords in
> [[][]].

This was fixed in  

I just added a test to my working copy in the file
(where the test cases for WikiWords links lives) and i get ./MyWikiWord.html.

    public void testHtml() throws ParseException  
        final StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
        final Sink sink = new XhtmlBaseSink(sw);
        twikiParser.parse("[[MyWikiWord]]", sink);
        assertEquals("<p><a href=\"./MyWikiWord.html\">MyWikiWord</a></p>",

The links are generated by the strategy WikiWordLinkResolver and can be 


> 5. Enabling verbatim and blockquote. verbatim did not seem to work
> properly for me.

verbatim worked well on our pages, but i think it can be more bulletproof and 
more general.  Don't forget to add the broken cases for regression in:

I wrote most of the twiki module code, so do not hesitate to send me especific 


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