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From "Vincent Siveton" <>
Subject Re: The need for multiple passes over a document
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2008 23:56:18 GMT
2008/4/28 Jason van Zyl <>:
> I was looking at the TOC macro and I feel what it's doing is wrong insofar
> as requiring a second pass to get the structure of the document.

Agree but we did it as best that we can :)

>  There are definitely cases where you need to make multiple passes and the
> TOC macro is clearly one of them. Having to pass in the the whole source
> document and the parser to make the TOC macro work seem extreme to me.
>  I think that we should declaratively say, or determine, that the structure
> of the document is required by something in the page. Preprocess the page in
> a general way and not require passing in the whole document and parser again
> as that's pretty cumbersome for the implementor of a parser.
>  I also noticed that the parsers are not threadsafe, I don't believe this
> was always the case and we should make them threadsafe again if it's true
> they aren't. I just looked at the APT parser and it doesn't look threadsafe
> to me but wouldn't take much to make it threadsafe.

DefaultDoxia as a comment about thread safe...

>  I would like to take a pass at making the document structure requirement
> more general to avoid things like we're doing in the TOC macro. I would also
> like to take a pass at making the parsers threadsafe.
>  I think we should also just release 1.0 for the sake of the site plugin and
> then move on with the next version of Doxia. We need to remove the coupling
> of doxia to the site  plugin and move the core back to a simple set of
> parsers and sinks.

Sounds like a Doxia 2.0 :) I think Doxia has several limitations,
specially for style. DOXIA-204 solved several of them but I think we
could do more.



>  Thanks,
>  Jason
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>  Jason van Zyl
>  Founder,  Apache Maven
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> worth knowing.
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