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From "Benjamin Bentmann" <>
Subject Re: Review Link Handling in APT
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2008 12:09:19 GMT
> See my comment at

Your proposal at
already suggests to break compat with the original APT format. I beg you to
go this route down to its end and make APT a user-friendly format. If it 
helps, call it N(ew)APT, B(etter)APT, D(oxia)APT or whatever ;-)

> However, given our history of breaking things (especially wrt
> anchors/links) I am not categorically opposed to changing stuff. :) Just
> if we decide to go for it then we should either do it now for beta-1, or
> postpone it until after 1.0-final.

I'm really in favor to get the link handling straight as soon as possible
and believe beta-1 is a good chance to do it. The more you wait, the more
users/docs will rely on the currently weird link handling such that the
penalty of breaking will increase.

It's always pity if backward-compat prevents one from fixing questionable 
decisions in the past. Maybe the best way to come to conclusion for this 
controversial topic is to call a simple vote on the mailing lists (I guess 
user@maven will reach the most) and get a feel of the world's thoughts on 


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