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From Vincent Massol <>
Subject FigureBlock and XWiki's image macro
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2008 14:11:34 GMT

I'm progressing with the XWiki parser but I have to take a decision.

The XWiki image macro accepts several parameters:

However the Sink figure events only accepts a location and a caption.

I can see only 2 solutions:

1) Do not generate figure events but instead generate a Macro event  
(this is a new event I'd like to add to the Sink API, it would be a  
name and a Map of properties (name/value pairs)). This means that only  
sinks who understand the "image" macro will be able to correctly  
interpret the macro.

2) Add extra parameters to the figure event, in a generic way (by add  
a map of properties for example).

The issue with both 1) and 2) is that the parameters are non- 
standardized if we do it in a generic way and this will make it  
difficult to have interoperability with all sinks. However such an  
interoperability is anyway difficult and it's better to have the  
ability for a sink to fully understand a given format than not at all.

Any other idea?


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