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From Dennis Lundberg <>
Subject Re: Breaking changes on Doxia trunk ok?
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 19:44:41 GMT
Here's my view on doxia right now. I understand Vincent M's need for 
somewhere to commit his stuff to, so let's try to solve that as quickly 
as possible. In order to do that I propose yet another alternative

D) Create an xwiki-branch from the current trunk, where Vincent can add 
him xwiki implementation. Including changes to the core.

My reasoning behind this is that I feel that we are in risk of loosing 
control of doxia, if we don't create a release plan soon. However that 
is the topic of another e-mail (which I will start soon). And I don't 
want that discussion to stop Vincent M's xwiki momentum.

Would you be OK with that solution Vincent M ?

If it turns out that nothing much happens on trunk after that, it should 
be easy enough to merge Vincent's changes back to trunk if we want to.

Lukas Theussl wrote:
> I am for B) because that's what (I thought) we had agreed upon in the 
> past. I always understood that doxia is still alpha, that I was allowed 
> to make changes on trunk, and that we would stabilize the API with the 
> first beta release. Also, as you say, we have already made some breaking 
> changes to current trunk (eg DOXIA-137, DOXIA-155), and there are a 
> number of open bugs whose fix will entail some breakig changes (since in 
> practice people use hacks to workaround those bugs). However, I haven't 
> tested recently if beta-1 works with the site plugin (it didn't when I 
> tried a while ago).
> Anyway, in order to push things forward, I would agree to do a 1.0 
> release from the current alpha branch. I would vote with a belly-ache 
> though because I feel that for a 1.0-final label there are some 
> important things missing (DOXIA-123, DOXIA-138, DOXIA-145). OTOH some of 
> the things that are fixed in beta-1 could well go into a 1.0 release, eg 
> all the work Dave Syer has done on the confluence module.
> I'd first like to hear Dennis' opinion though, he should know best how 
> things work with various Maven plugins. I haven't had much time for 
> doxia recently and even though I still plan to do things, I don't think 
> I can contribute much in the near future...
> Cheers,
> -Lukas
> Vincent Massol wrote:
>> On Jan 22, 2008, at 11:31 PM, Jason van Zyl wrote:
>>> I think you should cut the 1.0 and then move on. You will completely  
>>> hose the site plugin will you not?
>>> I'm all for changes. I want them but this can't happen before a 1.0.
>> I'm fine with either of these options:
>> A) Create a 1.0 branch so that work can be finished for 1.0 and make  
>> trunk 1.1/2.0. I'll commit on trunk then.
>> B) Commit on trunk right now since Maven uses alphas of doxia and  
>> there's an alpha branch for maven. And since I believe trunk is  
>> already not working with maven.
>> C) Leave trunk for 1.0 and create a 1.1/2.0 branch so that I can  
>> commit there while waiting for the 1.0 version to be released and 
>> then  merged back everything to trunk
>> My preference goes to A) but I'm ok also with C). I know Lukas 
>> prefers  B).
>> Just let me know what I should do. Only thing that's sure is that I  
>> don't have close to enough knowledge/bandwidth to help with the 1.0  
>> release. The other sure thing is that I need a place to commit ASAP  
>> since I'm stuck right now and I'll loose my momentum if I don't have 
>> a  place to commit. I really need to make quick progress to be 
>> aligned  with xwiki's needs.
>> Thanks
>> -Vincent
>>> We have to make something for the site plugin to use.
>>> On 22-Jan-08, at 5:02 AM, Vincent Massol wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm just starting development on Doxia and I need to understand the  
>>>> strategy since I need to make lots of breaking changes to  
>>>> accomodate the XWiki use cases (I'm planning to replace XWiki's  
>>>> rendering engine from Radeox to Doxia).
>>>> I've just talked to VincentS and Lukas and the consensus I got was  
>>>> that I could just commit away on trunk and make breaking changes  
>>>> since:
>>>> a) 1.0 has not been released yet and the API is not final and thus  
>>>> it's the right time to do this
>>>> b) there an alpha branch that the current Doxia users (like Maven  
>>>> itself) can use id they don't want to upgrade to the changes made.
>>>> So I'd like agreement that I can make my changes on trunk. Namely  
>>>> I'd like to implement these (and more to come):
>>>> * Add support for level  
>>>> 6 sections and generalize Sink API for sections
>>>> * Add an API for getting  
>>>> a tree of syntax blocks
>>>> * Add support for macros
>>>> * Add support for  
>>>> strikethroughs
>>>> * Add support for  
>>>> underscores
>>>> * Add generic parameters  
>>>> support to Figure and Link events
>>>> * Add new standard  
>>>> parameters to figure sink API
>>>> * Add new standard  
>>>> parameters to link sink API
>>>> * Add events for  
>>>> recognizing words in the Sink API
>>>> WDYT?
>>>> Thanks
>>>> -Vincent
>>> Thanks,
>>> Jason
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------
>>> Jason van Zyl
>>> Founder,  Apache Maven
>>> jason at sonatype dot com
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------
>>> A man enjoys his work when he understands the whole and when he
>>> is responsible for the quality of the whole
>>> -- Christopher Alexander, A Pattern Language

Dennis Lundberg

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